BEST Course in Autumn 2022

It's my Wine, and it's now or neBeer!

Course description

Have you ever dreamt about a course like this?!

Would you like to boast about your fermented drinks knowledge with your friends?!

Are you tired of studying so much theory at University and not seeing all the connection it has with reality?!

Would you like to know all fermented drinks’ secrets and curiosities?

And... would you like to visit vines, wineries and of course, taste the BEST wines in Spain???

If your answer is YES, our BEST Autumn Course is waiting for you :D.

We will offer you the opportunity to discover the Product Designation of Origin (PDO) that Valladolid wines have, how it is produced and the places where it is made. Actually, the wines of Valladolid are considered as one of the BEST quality wines in Spain and all over the world. Moreover, we’ll learn about the interesting beer’s life. We’ll visit breweries where the beer is produced, see how it’s made, find out why they have that characteristic that differs from other fermented drinks. Oh, and of course we´ll taste it!!!!

Is this not enough for you?! Do you even want more...?! Of course you will have more!!! In the social part, you will be able to enjoy the BEST spirit during the greatest Spanish PARTIES!! :D

If you want to have an unforgettable experience, apply now and you will have the opportunity to visit SPAIN with non-stop fun and the BEST people!!!

What are you waiting for??

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock... Time is running out!! Apply now!! We're waiting for you!!!


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Main Organizers

Isabel Hernández Negueruela

Marina Calleja García

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