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Course description

Did you know you can get energy from a cow’s fart? And from its hair?

Did you know you can use a revolving door to produce energy?

Would you like to know how much do you have to pedal on a stationary-bike to produce enough energy to cook a pizza?

Or how much should your little cousin play in the swing to charge your mobile phone?

There is a problem! we don’t have enough cows, nor revolving doors… that is why we use nuclear power stations, wind turbines, and many other fascinating technologies! Let’s discover how far mankind has gone with these inventions, how we can optimize those spark generation machines and how to take advantage of waterfalls, sunbeams, and Plutonium atoms!

As the genius Albert Einstein said: «Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another» and that's what you're going to learn in our course! The energy obtained by daily working will change into party energy during the night! If you’re ready to experience the energy production, our legendary spirit, meeting crazy people coming from every corner of Europe, eating sublime food and tapas in the Old Capital of the Spanish Empire, in which the Sun was always at its top, and enjoying what the organisers have prepared for you... then, challenge the laws of physics and come to create energy with us!

See you in the incredible and amazing Valladolid! :)


Empresas Colaboradoras

Main Organizers

Eduardo Giralda

+34 626 37 22 19

Luis Miguel Gordo

+34 642 89 74 38

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